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Pellon PLF36 Ultra Lightweight Fusible Interfacing, White, 15" x 3 Yards (4 pack)

Pellon PLF36 Ultra Lightweight Fusible Interfacing, White, 15" x 3 Yards (4 pack)

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Why should you pick the Pellon PLF36 Sew-In Interfacing for your garments? One thing people are not aware of when it comes to sewing is that the entire process takes a toll on the overall strength of the fabric. There are times when the material’s tensile strength is reduced due to stitching and washing. In some cases, the stitching unravels from constant use and cause the garment to lose its structure. And for garments with collars or facings, regular washing can also cause it to look limp. This is where products like the Pellon PLF36 Sew-In Interfacing become necessary. It adds needed support to various garment areas or patterns and keeps them from losing shape despite constant use and multiple washes. Thanks to its lightweight construction and material, the Pellon PLS36 Sew In-Interfacing is ideal for light to medium-weight fabrics and delicate fabric. You will not even notice it is there unless you touch it and it is not very thick. Once it is in your fabric, you can clean you can be confident that the stitching will not unravel when you wash it. You also wouldn’t see any sign of shrinkage, guaranteeing that your clothes will last longer. It’s very easy to use for sewing projects, too. You can cut the interfacing to the exact length you prefer and attach it to the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure to allot allowances on the seams of the fabric, so you have more space to work with. Steam the fabric or iron in a low-press setting until you see the interfacing bond with the fabric. Afterward, cover it with a damp press cloth and press on the fabric for about 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process until you’ve used up all the interfacing before steam pressing the fabric on the opposite side. What’s good about the Pellon PLF36 is that you do not need to pre-shrink the product before use. You can start sewing it onto the fabric right away and begin the steaming process. This lessens the work and helps you achieve your desired outcome faster.

  • High-quality Polyester Material - The Pellon PLF36 Fusible Interfacing is made from high-quality 100% Polyester that works for any light and medium-weight fabrics. It’s ideal for use in various types of light fabrics such as linen, broadcloth, chambray, challis, and jersey. It also works well for delicate fabrics.
  • Size is perfect for medium to large projects - Every Pellon PLF36 Sew-In Interfacing package is 15” x 3 yards, making it perfect for medium to large projects. It’s also convenient to use on several small-size garments by simply trimming the interfacing to any pattern based on your requirements.
  • Thin and lightweight - The Pellon PLF36 Fusible Interfacing is lightweight and thin that you would barely notice its presence on the fabric. It sticks to the material through an adhesive that can be activated with pressure or a damp cloth.
  • Strengthens fabric stitching - This product is also perfect for protecting and strengthening fabric stitching, as well as providing structure for collars and facings.
  • Easy to clean - It’s easy to clean and can either be machine washed or dry cleaned with your fabrics.
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