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The Crew Quest for Planet Nine with Card Sleeves and Playing Cards Holder (4pk) and Board Game Storage Containers - Tiny Containers and Card Protector Sleeves for Game Organizers and Storage

The Crew Quest for Planet Nine with Card Sleeves and Playing Cards Holder (4pk) and Board Game Storage Containers - Tiny Containers and Card Protector Sleeves for Game Organizers and Storage

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The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine: This cooperative card game that combines the best elements of trick-taking gameplay with an engaging space adventure. With 50 diverse and captivating missions, players will navigate through a rich narrative, each mission introducing unique challenges and objectives. The game's limited communication feature adds depth to teamwork, making it a thrilling test of strategy and cooperation. The Crew offers endless hours of excitement and unpredictability, making it perfect for family game nights. Dive into the universe of The Crew and embark on the quest for Planet Nine today! Bit Holder: Forget about the frustration of losing dice or board game charms. The Bit Holder small containers with lids set offers a smart and convenient way to keep all your small items neatly sorted and within easy reach. The clear material allows you to quickly identify the contents of each container. The easy-to-use flip lids are not only practical but also contribute to the overall convenience of these containers. When your activity is complete, cleaning up is a breeze. Card Sleeves: Say goodbye to bent corners and dings that can diminish the enjoyment of your cards. Not only do our card sleeves provide top-notch protection, but the smooth surface ensures you can easily shuffle and deal your cards. Each pack contains a generous quantity of sleeves, so you can safeguard your collection without breaking the bank. Card Holders for Playing Cards: With our included plastic playing card holder, enjoy a hands-free focus on playing cards without distractions. This game card holder ensures your gaming experience is smooth and comfortable. Makes for a great little hands card holder or as playing card holders for adults with bad hands. The spring-action design is straightforward to use. Just press the center button to open, release to close. It's convenient and efficient, making your card games even more enjoyable.

  • The Crew Card Game - Join forces with friends or family on an epic space adventure to discover Planet Nine. Embark on a thrilling journey through 50 captivating missions.
  • Interstellar Mission - This 2-5 player cooperative card game features trick-taking and evolving challenges for endless strategy. The straightforward rules are easy to pick up but leave room for mastery.
  • Effortless Organization - The small plastic containers with lids take your cooperative board games to the next level. Use as char or dice storage for your board game organizers and storage needs.
  • Ultimate Card Protection - Safeguard your valuable trading cards or board game cards from wear and tear with precision-cut, high-quality standard card sleeves.
  • Hands-Free Convenience - The spring loaded Card Holders accommodate both narrow and wide-size cards effortlessly, making them great as playing card holders for seniors or those with bad hands.
  • Effortless Card Handling - With a simple spring-action design, the Cards Holder opens and closes at your command, enhancing your gaming experience with ease and comfort.
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