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Tamiya Extra Thin Cement with Fine Tip Applicator and Pixiss Miniature Paint Brushes and Hobby Knife Set - 4 oz Plastic Model Glue - 6 Fine Detail Paint Brush Set and Craft Knife Set for Gundam Kits

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement with Fine Tip Applicator and Pixiss Miniature Paint Brushes and Hobby Knife Set - 4 oz Plastic Model Glue - 6 Fine Detail Paint Brush Set and Craft Knife Set for Gundam Kits

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Whether you're building scale models or miniature figures Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and Pixiss' crafting tools help you achieve flawless finishes. Model-Making Mastery Tamiya Cement is more than just an adhesive; it's a partner in your model-making journey. Designed explicitly for plastic models, it ensures that your creations are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're a seasoned model maker or just starting, this cement is your ticket to model-making mastery. Precision Application The pointed applicator tip is your secret weapon for precision. No more messy mishaps or excess glue ruining your hard work. With Tamiya Cement, you have the control and accuracy you need to apply glue exactly where you want it. Firm and Flexible Bonds Craftsmanship demands precision, and Tamiya Cement delivers. It holds plastic parts firmly in place, allowing you to make adjustments until everything is just right. No more struggling with parts that won't stay put—this cement ensures your pieces align flawlessly. Seamless Seam Eraser Say goodbye to unsightly seam lines. Tamiya Cement's thin consistency flows effortlessly into gaps, using capillary action to erase seam lines. Your models will look as if they were assembled by a seasoned pro, with no visible imperfections. Pixiss Hobby Craft Tools Designed for watercolor, acrylic, oil paints, and more, Pixiss Paint Brushes offer a set of six fine detail paint brushes, including pointed rounds. These brushes feature fine hair bristle, ensuring excellent absorbency and compatibility with various paints. The set includes six different brush sizes (4#-000#) with varying lengths for easy identification. The ergonomic handles of these tools ensure a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control and effortless model construction. Crafted for precision, these convenient tools ensure precise painting, accurate cuts, and seamless assembly.

  • Model-Making Mastery - Crafted for plastic models and miniatures, it's the perfect adhesive to elevate your model making projects, ensuring impeccable results.
  • Precision at Your Fingertips - The pointed applicator tip guarantees effortless and accurate application, ideal for working with intricate parts and reducing mess, sparing you from tedious cleanup.
  • Firm and Flexible Bonds - Achieve precise positioning as the cement securely holds plastic parts together, allowing for adjustments when needed. 10-15 minute / 24 hour cure time.
  • Seamless Seam Eraser - Tamiya cement's thin consistency utilizes capillary action to draw the cement into narrow gaps, bonding plastic parts seamlessly and erasing seam lines for professional results.
  • Crafted for Convenience - Brush Hair is highly absorbent and easy to clean Compatible with watercolor, acrylic, oil based paints and more. The wooden handles feature an ergonomic shape for comfort.
  • For Fine Details - 6 miniature artist paint brushes gives you the right fine detail brush for intricate jobs. Pointed rounds making them ideal for Warhammer 40K, DnD miniatures and Gundam models.
  • Fine Tip Paint Brush Set - The set of extra fine detail paint brushes comes with 6 different sizes of brush (4#, 2#, 1#, 0#, 00#, 000#) and 4 various lengths, to be easily identifiable.
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