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Painted Rocks - by Lynn Calza

A few years ago I accidentally stumbled on a painted rock.  When I turned it over, it directed me to a rock painting group in Tehachape, CA.  I joined the group and my mind was BLOWN!  Since then, I've created and help manage multiple rock groups and we are well on our way to covering the world with random acts of kindness in the form of painted rocks!  Recently, I was given a set of Pixiss Alcohol Inks to try.  I will NEVER use another background again (ok that was a little dramatic but....) and I am finding more and more types of rocks and tiles to paint on with these inks. 

I have severe PTSD, chronic pain and I get panic/anxiety attacks frequently.  I found that submersing myself in painting not only calms me, it also lowers my pain and helps redirect my mind.  Finding new media to paint with always gives my motivation a huge boost, and gives me something to look forward to.  This year started off on a low for me, but honestly, finding this new ink helped pull me out of it and has been a really important part of my everyday life.  Painting brings me light where there otherwise might not be any.

When Pixiss mentioned that I could be an influencer, I was shocked.  But I thought about it a while and realized that if I can share the art of kindness by helping people descover more stuff like I did, then I'm all in!  I have a main page on Pinterest where I share all the rocks I have painted, along with a couple other random boards.  I've set up a new Instagram just for rocks, and we have a small number of videos on YouTube for rocks as well!  Please follow me for inspiration!  If I can give anyone else the joy and motivation to engage in art, it would bring me more happiness than you know.  Keep painting, keep trying, just keep swimming, we can do this!

My Pinterest - Painted Rocks

My Instagram - Painted Rocks

My YouTube Channel

My main Facebook rock page

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